Monday, May 19, 2008

When Right Side Up is Up Side Down

I had a visit with my midwife this evening and we thought the heartbeat seemed suspiciously high in the fundus compared to where we've found it in past weeks. So she sent me off to get a sonogram which confirmed my suspicions - little Tali is currently standing on her feet rather than floating about on her head - in other words, she's breech. She has a few weeks left to flip on her own and I'm contemplating keeping my chiropractic appt for tomorrow morning for an application of the Webster's technique. Thanks to the wonders of the internet and two groups of ladies whom I love and trust I am not so crazy about the idea of an external version, although I would very much like to avoid a c-section. This body was made for birthing babies and I'd like to give it another chance. On the other hand, maybe Tali has good reason for standing up at attention and this is God's way of protecting her from some danger. Or perhaps she just wants a bit of a change in perspective and plans to go flipsy whoozies again soon all on her own....decisions, decisions....And now I think I'll go get on all fours with my rear in the air, a flashlight between my knees, frozen peas on my fundus and headphones on my belly while I try to decide.

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JTKlopcic said...

So, do we have a certified flip?