Thursday, May 08, 2008

Great With Child

By my calculations I have about 5 more weeks to go. Yeah, I know the ticker at the bottom of my blog page begs to differ but I'm not budging. Every single pregnancy I get two different dates based on two different sonograms. Every single time the OB People say they trust the first date I'm given more and every single time I think, "Yeah but I know more about the conception of this one than you do..." Every single time I get to be about 26 weeks and the OB People start hemming and hawing over their tape measure and saying things like, "Well, you're measuring big..." Yeah, no kidding. If I have one more person look at me bug-eyed and say, "You're really BIG - you got twins in there?!" I think I'm going to have to plead temporary hormonal insanity and deck them good. That look on my face in this picture has good reason for being there... I so hate this part of pregnancy.

I had a dream the other night that I missed my labor. I dreamed that I was scheduled for a c-section so they anesthetized me and then decided I didn't need one after all. They brought me out of the anesthesia just in time to push once and out came Tali - all of about 13 pounds of her (hopefully the whole thing was nothing more than a *dream*!) That was a real bummer because what I do LOVE is labor and delivery! I love the feelings of those contractions rolling over my belly and feeling the baby drop more and more - knowing that there is a perfect symbiosis between baby, mommy and uterine muscles that only God could have designed. That, and the knowledge that within a few hours I will be able to retrieve the brain cells that seem to have taken up residence in the bottom of my uterus for the past nine months and replace them in the cranium where they belong...

So, in answer to the question I get a bazillion times a day - How Are You? I am tired, cranky, fat and useless to the entire rest of the universe except this little one nestling here in my HUGE womb. Thanks so much for asking...


JTKlopcic said...

I think you look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing this picture so we could all take a peek at a miracle in progress.

I truly believe that the last weeks of pregnancy are so miserable so the mother is ready to do anything to make it be over. There is a reason they call it labor. I can't think of any other you can have that brings more satisfaction then pushing your baby out into the world.

Keep us posted,