Friday, May 09, 2008

Accidents Happen

Apparently even when you're pregnant and even when you have other plans. I was merrily chugging along this morning in Clifford, our big, red 15 passenger van to meet my friend Christine and drive together to a homeschool conference. I missed my turn, stopped to turn into a parking lot and the next thing I knew a guy flew up behind me and rear-ended me. Fortunately for me, the damage to the Big Red Dog was fairly minimal but I was pretty shaken up, had some minor back pain and mostly concerned about the baby. I am comforted by the limited damage to myself and the van - I had no seat belt bruising, no air bag deployed and really little comparative damage to the van itself. It does make me feel a little safer whilst toting the children, knowing that the thing is rather like a tank. On the other hand, the driver of the pick up truck walked out of his truck just fine but the truck did not survive.

I was convinced by the EMT's to take my free ride to the hospital and check out the baby and then spent the next 7 hours at our local hospital, most of them attached to fetal monitors with my faithful friend by my side all day. Tali spent lots of time tossing and turning and maintaining a steady, healthy heartbeat. The contractions were coming constantly but not strong enough to put me into actual labor and Tad arrived from a frustrating day at work just in time to take me back to the scene and retrieve the van. We're hoping to make it to the conference tomorrow anyway...we shall see. Thanks for all those who were alerted to pray and a special thanks to Christine who sat by my side all day and forsook her day at the conference.


LucisMomma said...

Wow, that Tali has a story already. Thank Goodness you are both ok, and that Tali has a strong heart and is a wiggle-worm. (my JT wasn't and I worried about him!) And you *love* labor and delivery?! I think you're a little nuts...not for having your big bunch, but for liking that part! :)

JTKlopcic said...

Oh, childbirth is a happy, festive time in our family! Read this.