Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bargaining Power

Faith has always been a demanding little thing,  loudly proclaiming I WANT and then repeating her demand slightly louder and closer to the nearest ear moments later....and again a few seconds later and again.... Needless to say, she doesn't often get what she wants and our efforts to clean up her act have proven mostly fruitless.  Lately she has added a new twist to her demands - a little incentive.  Now after she wails I WANT , she quickly tries to close the deal with I'll give you money.  Sometimes she switches it up with I'll give you candy.  It's all made rather more endearing by the fact that in general we still can't understand a word she's saying...until she WANTS something - and then it's suddenly all-too loud and clear.

This afternoon Tad and I were sitting on our bed chatting when she charged into our bedroom uninvited - her usual mode of arrival  - and loudly announced a long jumble of...well, something.   After a little questioning we were able to discern the first two words - THE KITTEN...

(Oh, did I forget to mention the kitten?  Meet Malcolm Monsieur Fluffypants Reynolds Klopcic the First who joined our household just three days ago...)

A little more guess work and we were finally able to discern the source of her indignation.  THE KITTEN, it seems, does not take bribes.  Good kitty.