Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pan-Orthodox Camping Trip

Tad took JT, Ben and Betsy on a camping trip this weekend with a bunch of other Orthodox parishes. The trip is for children and they have spent the weekend experiencing several of the cultures in which Orthodoxy has deep roots. I was blessed to get a whole bunch of recipes of the various foods they are eating so that I could alter them to fit JT's diet. I spent Thursday and Friday in the kitchen preparing tabouleh and hummus and pastistio and Greek honey cake. I made enough for the rest of us to try while the lucky ones were away and we had a little cultural feast for lunch today.

Tad has been texting me as the day progressed. I know that last night the camp directress entertained everyone with her accordian playing followed by an ice cream social (with Breyer's - Yeah!). Today JT did some Greek dancing, Betsy accumulated an entourage of new friends and Tad tried his hand at pysanky. Ben was enjoying the scavenger hunt which somehow used the Greek alphabet for clues and all sat down, eating with their right hand only, a feast of Arabic finger foods for dinner (unfortunately the lamb had been marinated in wine so none for JT).

I have to admit to being quite jealous that Tad got to go whilst Adora and (Tali and) I stayed with the ding-bats and the midgits. I did talk Adora into staying home rather than making her usual weekend trip to DC and I've been glad for her company and assistance. But next year I think I'll make a pitch to be the parent who gets to go - even if I do have to sleep in a bunk bed with a dozen little girls....


LucisMomma said...

That sounds like a really wonderful weekend. So glad your kids got to enjoy it!

LucisMomma said...

cnPS--there is a discussion on the FG BB about homemade vanilla--I wish you'd link your blog post about your kids and shopping for vodka and who was going to drink it. It is hilarious.

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