Friday, May 02, 2008

Noteworthy Spring Choir Concert

The Big Six were part of yet another wonderful Homeschool Choir concert (you can see in the picture how thrilled JT was to be singing with the choir this semester). This Spring Concert featured songs from Broadway - including solos by Ruth, Philip (whose video I cannot get on here for anything - Drat!)
and Ben! The choir was divided up with the Harmony choir having a few more complex pieces with more harmonies and the younger ones added in to fill out the choir with some simpler melodies. I must say that Ruth and Philip really shine at this choir thing. Ok, so Philip sounds like English is his second language but his pitch is great and he has come a loong way. This time around we were trying to get him to open up his mouth and round out his sounds which he was able to do quite a bit. If we can train him up a bit more in his singing ability, I think his speech is really going to improve as well.

It was really another wonderful concert - Miss Catherine sure knows how to pull it all together!!

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