Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tad took Ben to the barber on Saturday for a hair cut whilst I stayed home and gave the remaining offspring home-cut doos. Ben is very particular and it's just not worth the fight but Tad came home remarking that it cost him $35 to get just two hair cuts. I was busy working on about hair cut number 4 or 5 and made the observation then about just how much money I was saving the family. Unfortunately, at about that same moment I knicked JT in the back of the neck with the scissors. Two haircuts later, I did a real number on David's ear, removing a nice chunk of skin from the tip of it and causing a great amount of bleeding (Major Bad Mommy moment here). It was about this point, that Tad commented, "Let's see, honey, 2 ER co-pays at $15 each...I'm not sure how much money you really are saving us...Please be careful with those last couple of cuts...."

Sigh...try to be frugal and this is the thanks I get. Fortunately, David finds his band-aid quite stylish.

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