Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here I Am...

Well I seem to have gotten lost in cyberspace somewhere but I'm going to try to post a bit more frequently again (more frequently than once every six months is really setting that bar high, huh?!).  But I find myself awake at previously unknown to me hours and so I'm thinking perhaps I can use that time to continue to record the crazy life in our household. 

Our world has been rocked.  Turned upside down.  All we ever knew has been tossed with yesterday's garbage and replaced with today's adventure.  Four of the kids are now in Public School - that evil place I swore I'd never make my children attend.  My day now begins at the ridiculously early hour of 6am.  Gone are the days of sleeping until 9:30 and starting our day at 10:30.  I now have four kids on their way, laundry started, dressed, email checked, baby fed dressed and returned for a morning nap and my breakfast eaten by 7:30 am.  Who IS this woman?!

It started with JT.  He's been bugging us from the beginning of Time to play soccer for our local high school.  Daily reminders that several Baltimore Blast players got their starts at this school coupled with endless repititions of WHY can't I go to school? earned him a tryout for the team.  Well, he made the team and thus earned a seat on the Big Yellow Bus since MD law prohibits homeschoolers from playing sports on public school teams (I won't even begin on that one....).  Sooo....one down...why not some more?  He was followed by Philip at the same school, then Ruth at the middle school and most recently Andrea at the high school.  Miriam is my last hold out and her attitude about it changes by the hour.  She'll turn 16 next month and will get a big graduation from homeschool party and then it's on to Public School for her whether she likes it or not...but most likely she will.

Once Miriam boards that short bus for the first time we'll have JT plus all of our special kiddos as card-carrying members of the Public School Club.  That sure does make the Homeschool Club look verrrry different and we are loving it!  Honestly, I'm not sure why I didn't make this decision sooner except that I know I needed to feel confident that I had taught those four all I could possibly teach them before passing on the baton.  Now our days have gone from one therapeutic goal to the next to an endless realm of adventures in learning with those who CAN learn leading the way, sprinkled with the usual Adventures in Toddlerhood.

It's a whole new world in the Klopcic household these days and we are looking forward to a new homeschooling year like never before.