Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet Fred

JT and Ben finished up their Biology lessons with a dissection project. Tad ordered them a fetal pig dissection kit and they eagerly dove into the joys of disassembling a once living thing which Ben duly named Fred.

They pulled Fred out of his vaccuum sealed plastic casing and spread him out on a cookie tray on the dining room table. (Somehow homeschooling takes on a whole new twist for projects like this - no personal space or kitchen utensil is safe from its grasp.)Here they are getting their first taste of touching Fred and getting accustomed to the sights, smells and feel of dead fetal pig. This is about when I left them to their own devices and explorations.I returned some time later after they had thoroughly examined Fred's innards and were obviously feeling quite a bit more comfortable with the project - enough to rather enthusiastically give me a tour. Here is the spot from whence Ben wrenched out the intestines. You can see them laying on the cookie sheet to the right of Fred's prone body:This is Fred's heart. I tried to get a picture of it opened as well but it turned out too blurry. They were able to clearly identify the four chambers.

And this was the most enthusiastic show and tell - Fred's brain.
The big mystery of this project was the missing spleen. JT and Ben seemed to get a kick out their dissection and Tad was happy to wrap up his year's science lesson by earning some Really Cool Dad points.

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