Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bummi Bum

Tali is now a baby au natural. It only took me ten tries to get the cloth diaper thing going on even though the guilt related to dumping so many dirty diapers in the landfills has been getting me down since number 1. I'm not crazy about the cloth diapers but I am very glad I made the switch. They are still messy and yet another thing that needs to be washed but the pros far outweigh the cons. For the cost of about 3 months worth of disposable diapers, I picked the Bummi diapers and got myself a starter kit with 2 dozen pre-folded diapers, 4 Bummi Whisper Wrap diaper covers and a roll of disposable diaper liners. I have found, since I didn't start until well after the poop-a-minute stage of Tali's life was over, that I have more than enough diapers but could use an extra wrap or two. We've all had to get used to the fact that her body shape now resembles an un-ripe pear and if I want to dress her in pants it takes a whole team of baby changers to pull the suckers up over that broadened and padded bum. I also end up changing her more often since the disposables are better at wicking the wet right away from the skin. But I don't mind. Tali and I are quite happy with our new Bummis and hopefully this will be the way to go as successive babies come along.


magda said...

How do the disposable liners work? We got the one-size Bum Genius diapers and a diaper rinser.

What do you do when you travel, in terms of diapering?

Mairs said...

Hey Magda, I sorta posted this with you in mind in light of your most recent blog post (why bother getting rid of the pacifier so soon, btw? It actually prevents SIDS, will be a life-saver for *you* when teething begins and is relatively easy to wean a bit later on by simply putting a slit in the nipple. Now if someone would just invent pacifier paste to glue that sucker to the cheeks while they're sleeping....) Ah, but I digress...

I do envy you a bit with the all-in-one diapers. They were a bit pricey for what was already a sketchy proposition to my dh.

The liners are like a very thin, flushable wipe. They are good for dealing with solid waste - they line the diaper and then instead of rinsing and shaking to get that goo out, you simply pull up the liner and flush it - very nice! - EXCEPT I always feel it is a waste to use them when she doesn't poop and she just isn't the predictable pooper some of my others have been (the 4 and 5 yo's always pooped at 10 am on the dot at the same time! lol I always knew by shortly after 10 I would have 2 diapers to change - if I timed it right they would always be in the church nursery on Sunday Since you have that handy-dandy rinser gizmo you probably don't need the liners unless you are out and about.

Speaking of which, I carry a plastic baggie and an extra diaper with me. I just tie up the dirties in a plastic grocery bag until I get home and can throw it in the diaper pail. I have yet to do an extended travel trip with the cloth diapers - I would probably just resort to disposables for a short-term period.

magda said...

I think I'm still "against" the pacifier in theory, but not in practice. (My mother doesn't like them, and there's a certain lady at church who keeps asking "Can I take that out of his mouth?") I guess for now I just want my baby to be superboy and not need any crutches like this. On the other hand, he's developed a particular cry which means "Please give me the paci so I can go to sleep already."

We were very blessed to be able to get the cloth diapers we wanted, thanks to the generosity of our parishioners. The math is what convinced my husband.

Thank you for the explanations! I am less worried about visiting my mother in February. :)