Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I was in the laundry room just minding my own business yesterday when David showed up, parked himself next to me and announced, "Mom, I love you more than a cow!"

Golly, David...

Mom, I mean I love you more than I love cows.

Yep, thanks for clearing that one up, son. I feel so warm and fuzzy inside now.

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HeavenlyHome said...

Laughing so's a good one from our house
Out of the mouth of my then 8 yr old, Jonah one day when giving me a hug around my middle..."Mom, you're so full of love I can't even reach all the way around you!"

Um, hmmm...thanks, buddy....In a way, he's actually right...I love doughnuts, and pizza, and ice cream and........
Isn't being a mom the best?!?!?