Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please don't flush the insects...

I took Ben to jumprope this evening at our local public school (happens to be the one Tad attended as a wee one if that matters any...) and I made a pitstop to the little girls' room. I found this sign posted on the wall inside the stall and became so enthralled with it I just had to take a photo (and, no I did not take my camera to the loo, I utilized my cellphone). In case you can't make out the writing it reads:

Avoid flushing the toilet
unnecessarily. Dispose of
tissues, insects, and other
similar waste in the trash rather
than the toilet.

Then, for emphasis beneath the writing, it sports pictures of a toilet, an insect and a box of tissues.

Now, being a homeschooler and not at all familiar with they ways of public schools perhaps I am missing something tremendously obvious here. But I can't, for the life of me, figure the impetus for this sign. There was not a similar sign in the little boys' room (JT checked) so this must be a peculiarly feminine problem. I can see perhaps someone dumped their dead beetle in the toilet, neglected to flush and along came little Miss. Muffet who screamed her way back to the hallway. But, really, would one such incident create the need for permanent signage? And wouldn't it be better to flush the insects than to toss them in the trashcan where they may very well find their way back out again to continue their insectuous tortures? And how do insects suddenly fall into the same category as tissues?

I also love how the little pictures emphasize the whole message for those kindy kids who haven't quite mastered the sight words "insect" and "tissue", although there should probably be a red circle with a slash through it overlapping the pic of the toilet to properly express the point. I also love how well-written the sign is. Whoever found it necessary to create the sign obviously has a good grasp of the English language - this was not your run-of-the-mill janitorial staff disgusted with the number of half-flushed flies swimming in the tidy bowl. This was someone who really gave this sign a lot of thought and effort (it was laminated too!).

I considered sending this photo to Jay Leno. I figured he could have a great time with it but, then, why give the fun away? So I present it here as my little gift to my faithful blog readership. Feel free to enjoy and please enlighten the rest of us should you have any of your own insights to share about the possible origins of this oddity.


Anonymous said...

Mary-Mary-Mary!!!!!!!!Did I really give birth to you or did I bring home the wrong child. I love you dearly.

Mary Kate said...

Don't know this helps, or not..... I volunteer at the school where my children attend, and there is a huge problem with clogged toilets. Kids tend to flush too much TP, paper towels,kleenex, you-name-it. Yes, even tissue should not be flushed down a toilet, as it is somewhat different than TP (this was from the school's plumber). And, what do people pick up a squashed bug with? You got it: tissue!
Also, there may have been a sign for the boys' bathroom that was missing at the time.
You probably know how things just happen to "go missing" when children are involved!

Loved the post!

Mairs said...

Hey! My MOM is in the house! Way to go on the posting a comment thing Mom!!!

Mairs said...

Ah! Right you must be oh wise Mary Kate! You have solved the tissue-insect connection dilemma! That's 1,000 insect points for you!

HeavenlyHome said...

I was feeling a little grumpy, so I headed to your blog! I always smile heartily when I get an update from your world! You guys are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo please send this to's hilarious. I'd love to see what he does with it. Thanks for the laugh. Ruth

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