Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Li'l Palindrome

Ok, I admit when Magda congratulated me on my first palindrome I had to look it up. Even then it took me a moment to get it. Then, the whole thing fell into place and I thought, "What a great nickname for little no-name!" Every one of our babies has had an intrauterine knick-name which sticks at least long enough to find out the sex of the baby and apply a real name. Generally Tad comes up with the name but, like I said earlier, his creative juices are drying up in the baby zone. His best suggestion was Baby K - for the 11th letter of the alphabet...yeah, real creative honey. His past names have been a bit more fun. Tali started her life out as Pickles since she was a sour-craving baby and I went through jars and jars of pickles in that first trimester. Betsy was Epsi - short for epsilon (the 5th child at the time she eventually got bumped to number 6 due to an adoption in there somewhere) and the others escape me now. So this little Palindrome will be Pally for short until we can discover a more accurate identity. Thanks for the idea Magda! You win 10,000 name points!


magda said...

I love points!

Mairs said...

Oh good - they're like pants to a tolltaker....Enjoy!