Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Give Away...

I guess the little baby ticker at the top of the blog is a dead giveaway that we have some news to share. Yes, our 2009 Edition is due out about Aug/Sept-ish and we figure I am about 7 weeks pregnant with number 11. We are all thrilled. Even JT has mustered a wee bit of enthusiasm at the prospect, albeit experiencing a bit of embarrassment as this will be the first baby to come along for which he truly understands from whence said baby came.

By the time you get to Number 11, letting people know just isn't quite the same. For the last few we just handed the phone to one of the kids and said, "Hey, talk to Grammy". I mean, I'm not sure the element of surprise is there anymore, I think it takes most people a bit of time to even build up an element of enthusiasm and, quite frankly, we're plumb out of creative ideas. When I was pregnant with Ben, Tad came up with a very clever little drawing of the plans for a set of bunk cribs which he faxed around to friends and family. Sorry, folks, we just don't have that kind of creativity in us anymore. Tad found out this time around when Tali handed him the pregnancy test while he was sitting at his computer.

We also have this little problem called Fat Mommy. Although only 7 weeks along, I am already bursting out of my jeans and hauling out my maternity wardrobe. I look like I could be rounding the corner to my second trimester and this makes keeping things a secret for very long very difficult. It also brings up all the usual stupid comments for which I simply respond with the same snarky answer...

Wow, are you sure you aren't further along than you thought?!

Nope, just fat.

You must have twins in there! Are you sure there's only one?!

Nope, I'm just fat.

Well, I guess that's what happens by the time you have number 7 pregnancy.

Um, nope, I just get fat. I was fat with number 1, I was fat with number 2, I was fat with numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6. This is how I get, folks - fat....fast. Now, if you could please stop pointing that out to me I can get on with this pregnancy with a little less self-consciousness. Thank you.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations !

magda said...

Congratulations on your first palindrome!

Anonymous said...

I read this the other day and was so thrilled for you!
a/k/a Kristine from WI

Monica said...

I actually wait to get fat until after I quit breastfeeding, at which point I balloon up to looking as if I were in my 2nd trimester, though I'm not even pregnant!

congrats (smile)

Suzanne said...

Congrats to Tad and Mair from the Gulf Coast! You are catching up to us with #11. We are working on grandchildren now- only have one. I miss having a babe in arms! Lots of prayers headed in your direction. God just keeps blessing and blessing those open to His love.

LucisMomma said...

Congratulations! At least inbetween pregnancies, you look slim! :) I still look fat, and the last bio baby is 12 years old! :(

Palli--does that rhyme with Tali? Cute!