Friday, January 30, 2009


David talks a lot - and he's really loud. And the more I think about it, he says "What?" an awful lot and doesn't seem to hear me a good part of the time so I scheduled him for an audiology test today. I was preparing him for the appointment earlier in the day. The conversation went like this:

David, I think you might be having trouble hearing. Do you need to go to a hearing doctor?


Do you think you need to go to a hearing doctor?


So you think you can pass a hearing test?

What?....oh....hearing? Ok.

He passed the stupid test with flying colors. Dr. Day (one of my all-time favorite docs - we spend *a lot* of time in her office) finished examining him and looked at me with a straight face and said

There's nothing I can do for David. Unfortunately, his hearing is fine.

Sigh....I always hate when doctors confirm my suspicions that it is my parenting in question and not my child's physical limitations...Thanks, Dr. Day and please let me know when they come up with a cure for Four Year Old Selective Hearitis (because, you see, this is not the first four year old with perfect hearing I've had in her office...).


Suzanne said...

Check it out with an ENT. A screening test won't pick up auditory processing difficulties. Did He have a history of ear infections as a tot? If not, check out Andrew Padua's "Motivating Boys" for a tip on the male hearing apparatus. LOL

Patti said...

"Male hearing apparatus" - love it!! Had one of these myself - course, he kinda got his "selective hearing" from his dad. Oh well............

elizabeth said...

the humour though! one of my guy friends would do that conversation wtih me just to tease me more!!

i doubt it fully if at all reflects on you as a parent; :)

have a great day!

Mairs said...

I'll have to find that book - I love Andrew Padua's sense of humor! Dr. Day is an ENT and one of the best I know. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have APD - I'm pretty well-versed in those issues..but thanks for the vote of confidence that maybe there really is something wrong with David is just...well, He doesnt have his own blog category for nothin'

And, you know, Patti, my dh does "what" me a lot too - I've learned to just ignore it, not repeat myself and wait a beat for him to process - he doesn't really need to hear it again, he's just buying himself some time. Is that a guy thing?!

And thanks to you too Elizabeth for the vote of confidence! David is a real hoot to be around. I wouldn't trade his goofiness for the world.

HeavenlyHome said...

Same thing with my Christian....and yep, it was my parenting...the same parenting I'm using with all my other sweeties, he just has to have "eye contact" if I want him to "hear" me....ahh, the joys of parenting! Glad I'm not alone!

Monica said...

oh, so funny.