Monday, January 12, 2009

The Solution that Caused the Problem

I've been having a run of communication issues between my camera and my computer for many moons now. My dear computer guru husband has been determined to fix the problem so that I can merrily resume my blogging hobby. He began by installing a USB drive for me to dump all those photos onto since they were clogging up my hard drive and slowing things down. My camera, however, refused to talk to it so he got me an external card reader. That card reader was a little cheapie that didn't work too well so he installed another new card reader - a bit fancier version. This one shut down every time I came close to getting a peek at my photos so, in exasperation, he found another one on ebay and installed that. (This is all over a period of many months, mind you, thus the lack of photographic material posted on my blog). This third card reader had the same random hook up issues and so Tad decided to take a good look at the whole system again. He finally decided to pull out the USB drive he'd installed and wa-lah! Success! So now the solution that caused all my problems is gone and hopefully I really will be back in business. Keep your eyes peeled for all those missed birthdays, holidays and daily fun (and be wary of cheap computer parts that come from Hong Kong with free shipping).

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