Sunday, March 16, 2008

Speaking of Grace...

I got an email from Grace's mom last night:

When I was tucking Grace into bed last night she told me that she has been thinking about John Michael, "you know, that boy from the computer." She has decided to meet him before making a final decision about marrying him. If she meets him & he bites her, the answer will be no! If he doesn't bite her the answer will be yes. She didn't care to share the reason for this decision.

Apparently Grace has been thinking about this necklace as well. When her mom told her JM had a necklace for her, she asked if he had a wedding ring. It might be a good thing that she isn't all that interested in the necklace since David broke it anyway. JM was quite miffed with him for it and wanted a trip to WalMart to replace it. Today Grace hauled out the old Christmas picture for another look at JM's mug.. I have no idea how much therapy all this is going to require in about 15 years. You can back track through this on-going saga by following these links:

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