Monday, January 14, 2008

More Plans for the Future

JM, Betsy and Miriam just returned home last evening after almost two weeks with Grammy and Tata. Now Grammy has this fun habit of collecting every prayer card, scapular, plastic rosary and saint medal she gets from various religious groups looking for money and passing them on to the grandchildren. So I wasn't surprised this morning when JM was sitting on the steps with what looked like a prayer card and a saint medal.

Hey Mom, look!

He handed it to me and it was indeed a holy card with a picture of St. Anthony and the Christ Child and a medal attached to a silver chain.

Oh, John, that's nice. Did Grammy give that to you?

Uh huh.

What are you going to do with it?

More of the My Mom is the Stupidest Woman in the World eye rolling trick before he condescended to tell me

I'm going to give it to Grace when I'm ready to marry her.

I turned it over to notice St Anthony touted as the patron saint of Miracles. So, not only is JM planning out the great Food Store Venture Adventure, but once he earns all his money, he has a very special family heirloom to pass on to Grace and their children... I'm beginning to wonder if poor John and Grace aren't going to be scarred for life by our little betrothal charade...naaaaahhh...JM has it all in hand.

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