Monday, March 03, 2008

Sewing Lesson

I hit the freecycle jackpot today and acquired this sewing machine for the girls. Ever since the movers returned mine after the fire I've been afraid to look at it. Mr. Burly tossed it to his buddy who tossed it off the truck to me and announced, "Here's your bowling ball, lady" and he was serious! At any rate, this machine is a much older model and doesn't have all the fancy electronic programming the newer ones have. It is a perfect learning machine for the girls. They had their first lesson on it tonight. We reviewed the parts of the machine, learned how to thread it and wind the bobbin and then they each tried their hand at sewing a couple of straight lines. It was fun. Our first big project will be sewing curtains for the babies' room for which Adora and I bought the fabric last Summer. We'll just make a bunch of straight forward panels - lots of straight lines to practice. As you can see by the smiles on their faces, they were thrilled with their surprise.

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Jen said...

Your girls are all so pretty.
Sewing is so much fun! I like quilting the best b/c I am lousy at following a paper pattern!