Sunday, March 02, 2008

Five Minutes in the Life of Nathan Lee

I followed Nate around with my camera this morning and thought it would be fun to record just a few minutes of activity. This is about five minutes' worth. If I only had his energy! If I printed these photos out, it would make a great flip book I think. I would do the same with Nehemiah but my shutter speed doesn't go that fast...

He suddenly realized he was being photgraphed:

Exploring the drawer:

Exploring the bottom drawer:
Found the MagnaDoodle:

Announced the presence of a stinky diaper in the room:
Trouble opening the pail:

Found the trains next to the diaper pail:

Drove the trains to David's bed so they could all jump on it:
Discovered his brother across the room in Time Out:
Tortured the brother in Time Out:
Back to jumping on the bed with the trains:

1 comment:

LucisMomma said...

Oh my, Nate and Luci are two of a kind! Only she'd be doing it in just her pull-up.

Don't think I said this on the previous post about Nate--but I love his haircut! I know it was hard to cut those curls. Boo to Daddy!