Friday, January 25, 2008

This Sums it up

Yesterday's Hi and Lois sort of sums up Life With David these days. The week the girls and JM were off at Grammy's we confiscated all of David's diapers and he ran around butt naked for a week. He's now graduated to being allowed underpants and pants and even socks on most days. Last weekend he got some new boxers (seems to prefer those - maybe his big brother's influence?) and some classic tighties sporting Nemo and the Wiggles. He's off and running and, as he likes to inform us now on a regular basis, he has joined the ranks of "big" kids.

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LucisMomma said...

I almost put that same comic on *my* blog! It is so true.

Good luck to Ben on his pinewood derby. What we've done with those gingerbread houses--smeared with peanut butter and then birdseed, and watch the birds. But they dissolve into a gooey mess if you don't get them thrown out before the next rain.