Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Map

I'm trying out the map from MapLoco now. I've swapped it out for the one that was at the top because it gives more details about the location of visitors. Now if you click on the map you can see where your IP address is reading from with a corresponding pin on the map. Thanks to Luci's Mama for the idea! The old one is still there on the sidebar. I just didn't want to delete it and give up India, Germany, France, Hawaii and the Phillipines - call me vain...or just plain desperate for somebody to read this thing.

1 comment:

LucisMomma said...

I'm glad you are keeping your old map--I really understand about keeping those foreign places on there! I got so excited yesterday because someone in England actually got on my blog. Don't know if they read anything or liked it, but by golly, they were there!

and wow, I feel so important, getting mentioned twice on your blog! You are really one of my heroes.