Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Philip!

Second in our run of Summer birthdays, Philip turned 12 today. He's finally outgrown the idea that Independence Day celebrations are all about him but it's still fun to have some extra excitement around his birthday time. He had a friend over and Tad and Adora took the whole crew to Chuck E Cheese while Tali and I stayed home. Tali threw crayons and I cooked the birthday dinner. The trip to Chuck E. Cheese was actually a family treat to reward all the children for putting up with hours and hours spent in the car this past week and sitting quietly by while Adora and I dealt with the aftermath of a car accident last week.

When they got home we had Philip's birthday dinner. He specifically requested meatloaf, corn on the cob and watermelon. I threw in mashed potatoes and a carrot cake which he found very yummy. He's improved so much this past year on his special diet that I'm working towards weaning him off of it for a season so the corn, cake and potatoes were all new to him.

He opened some fun presents - a snorkle, mask and flippers for the pool, a slip and slide, some party poppers from his younger brothers, a football of his own from Ben and JT and a sandbox road making tool as well as a racing set from his friend - and then Tad suprised him and his friend with a trip to the theater for Ice Age 3 in 3D. He had a fantastic day.

Happy Birthday Phlip!!


elizabeth said...

Many Years!

Anonymous said...

Did Betsy tell Philip that we called while he was at the movies? We wanted to sing Happy Birthday to him, but Betsy said she could not sing it back to him if we sang it to her. Hope he had a wonderful day--it must have been with corn and cake!!!


HeavenlyHome said...

A fabulous day for a fabulous kid!!!!