Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nate Enters the Terrible Threes

I've always thought two gets a bad rap compared to three. Three has historically been a horrible year around here - they're still acting like 2 year olds but it just isn't cute anymore. They argue longer, scream louder and test you harder. Last week I found myself arguing with Nathan about the fact that he was arguing with me...sigh... So it is with fear and trepidation that I post about Nate's third birthday. We even celebrated it a couple of days early (he'll never know the difference) to accommodate the two scout meetings we have on his actual birthday on Thursday. For this year he just got the usual family affair - a day spent making his own decisions, helping bake a cake, picking out his birthday dinner then eating the dinner, the cake and opening presents. Next year I may throw him a party - I usual do for Four since it is a time for me to celebrate the end of the Terrible Threes.

Party hats must be worn.

Hamburgerth and hotdogth for thupper with thoda.Our new fave cake recipe - Chocolate Zuchinni cake (Nehemiah blew out the candles the first time - they had to be re-lit and then we watched Nate spit on the cake for quite some time before they were out again).Elmo underwear from Adora and Miah.Some cookies and candy, a fire engine puzzle, a wooden fire engine from Muffy, a magnetic chalk board with magnetic letters and a box of dinosaur magnets.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

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elizabeth said...

Many Years!

We can always hope that this 3 year old will break the sterotypical threes are worse than twos!