Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photo

I look awful in this picture but I really love it. I am so digging Tad with a beard and how cute is Alex? This was taken in the park in Lewisburg right before we graduated from Bucknell. Alex was our love child - we got him free from a local farmer who had the whole litter abandoned on his property. There were two other Bucknellians with Alex's siblings we would see on campus from time to time. We kept him in my dorm apartment for about the last month or so of classes and snuck him around everywhere we went. At the time Tad and I were taking a religion class together (we won't spend too much time discussing why the Engineering major got an A and the Religion major got a B in that class...) and we would bring Alex to class and he would sleep under the desk at my feet. I was also running a light board for a production and Alex would sleep under the board. Tad would come up to the booth every hour or so and take him out to do his business. Alex died on Father's Day a few years ago and we still miss him. This is a digital picture of the original photo and it does have lots of fire damage so I'm surprised it came out as good as it did. This photo makes me feel all young and in love all over again. I am crazy about that bearded dude!


elizabeth said...

Wow. I love this photo of you and your DH. Really beautiful. Have a great day! (ps: fire damaage, Lord have mercy ...!)

HeavenlyHome said...

Ahhhhhh.....true love!!!!