Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Photo

This photo is from my parents' 50th anniversary celebration which I have yet to blog about in spite of it having occurred in March. I love this photo of my two nephews washing dishes. I have a sneakin' suspicion whatever they washed got re-washed by my brother-in-law later but, hey, at least they tried. These two were born exactly one month apart and have been best of friends ever since. They are as different as night and day and yet they "get" each other - you couldn't ask for a better friend than that. They've remained close even as they've grown older, made new friends, gotten into different things. JT joined them in preparing for the party by putting together a way fun powerpoint presentation. The party, by the way, was a smashing success. It was such a wonderful tribute to 50 years of our parents' life together.

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