Friday, July 10, 2009


For the past several years the family has grown a garden with the understanding that Philip is sort of "head gardener" since he's always had a bit more interest in it than the others. Yesterday he went out to water the garden - which he does faithfully every day rain or shine - and I asked him if anything is ready to pick from the garden. He couldn't answer me as it seems he doesn't actually *look* in the garden when he waters it. So I suggested he look around this time and see what's growing. I looked out the window a few moments later to see him enthusiastically plucking minuscule cucumbers and zucchini from their vines. I told him to stop picking and explained to him that what I wanted was for him to *look*, not pick, and then give me a report about what's growing. He followed my directions, came inside and reported to me and then went back out to finish the watering. But first, he picked up each vegetable he'd plucked from the vines and carefully replaced them back in the garden from whence they'd come.

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