Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, I've decided if I can't beat 'em I'm gonna post 'em on my blog. Philip now has his own category akin to David's DODs which we'll just call Phlipisms. Autism has its...uh...interesting perspective and in lieu of running screaming from the room in frustration I've decided to find it charming. Be sure, as you experience these Phlipisms in the coming days, months, years, to imagine the sincerity and authority with which Philip speaks. I can assure you he always thinks he's got the best answer, he's rarely joking - and it will always, always be directly related to himself, NASCAR, the computer or a song or movie line he's memorized.

I'll have to start with the very first, very old classic. Several years ago we went to the beach and wandered out after dark with buckets and flashlights to capture the secret lives of sandcrabs. The boys captured a few before I decided it would be fun to capture one on camera. I'd been using the light on the camcorder (see, it was *that* long ago when we actually used a camcorder) as a flashlight. I tried to film one of the critters running around in the bottom of a bucket but couldn't get the camera to focus. I commented to the boys, "I just can't get this crab to focus" to which Phlip replied, "Focus crab! Pay attention!!" He was the only one who didn't get why that was funny.

Today I took the Big Eight out to do a bit of Father's Day shopping (shhhhh...Tad hasn't seen his Big Present yet...). While we were out and about Betsy asked, "What is the difference between Home Depot and Office Depot?" Phlip was quick to explain that the difference is, of course, they each have a different NASCAR driver.


KT said...

Great attitude! What is your newest adoption labor?!!

Deb said...

Hi Mary. I somehow lost your facebook profile page and can't find it. Lol. You're not who I thought you were--but I must have seen your name on the local homeschooling lists. And it seems we have a few friends in common. Now I wonder what the other Mary's last name is I was looking for. Lol.

Veiled Glory said...

Hello Mary,

I read your comment on Pithless Thoughts about your autistic son. I am also an autistic (aspergers) adult who was recently diagnosed. We've run the gamut on the diets but the one consistent aid for me has been cod liver oil. It makes my head "happy" without losing too much on the side of my autistic gifts. Also, my obsessions are not dominating as they once were. I still enjoy my interests just not as intensely as I did before CLO. Hope this helps ~


Lady Anne said...

I have the feeling the expression, "Focus crab, pay attention!" will live on a long time at our house. Thanks for the laugh!