Friday, October 31, 2008

Remember This? Friday

This one's for the locals. This is Count Gore de Vol who hosted a show - on the local public television station - titled Creature Feature. He would dress up as a vampire, begin his show lying in a coffin and then climb out and introduce the movie of the evening - usually some ancient science fiction flick involving some sort of otherworldly monsters. I watched his show regularly with one of my girlfriends when we had sleepovers (and when it was appropriate for girls to have friends whom they called girlfriends). Now here's the kicker - remember our recent return to Star Trek fandom excess? Well, Count Gore was actually there - still dressed up as a vampire and still playing the same character - how pathetic is that?! He now has an on-line show of his own. Please, please, please, though, do not look him up (or Creature Feature for that matter) if you want to save yourself from some rather unsavory internet trash. (And, by the way, this post is the closest I will ever come to "celebrating" Halloween - I prefer to party with the living saints!)


JTKlopcic said...

Minor comment: Actually, he was on WDCA Channel 20. In addition to playing Gore de Vol, he also hosted the afternoon kiddie shows as "Captain 20". He was the after-school competition for Captain Chesapeake -- when are you going to put him in a Remember This?

amy said...


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