Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ack! Our First Teenager!

Happy Birthday to Miriam who turned THIRTEEN today! We've finally reached that point in parenting when we can say we are surviving a teenager. God is good to me by making Miriam the first of such creatures in this household. Sweetness doesn't get any sweeter than Miriam and even when she's acting teenish it just makes us giggle and love her all the more. She went for the lasagna dinner (much to Ben's chagrin who also scheduled in lasagna for his dinner next week) and shunned the traditional cake and ice cream for pumpkin pie. This doll was her favorite gift and has become a permanent accessory. These jammies were lookin' way too big and she refuses to wear them even though she asked for new feety jammies. The cookies from her little brothers were a happy hit too. Happy Birthday Girly!!

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