Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Personality Profiles

We don't celebrate Halloween in this household but we've always had a party to attend. This year, we didn't have the convenience of an excuse to slip away for the evening so I broke down and allowed them all to carve pumpkins. They've always wanted to do it and, dang it, it is really fun but they were told to stick to joyful rather than ghoulish themes. I love the end result - all the pumpkins reflect their personalities in some way.

Ben's is the most complex and artistic. He couldn't justify the activity, though, without giving it a nod to the faith by carving a little cross in the bottom. Philip's is simple and all about him - I love this picture of him.

I love the long eyelashes on Girly's pumpkin - cute and girly, that's my Miriam.

Ruth decided on a flower - simple but feminine.

JT carved his initials which are very important to him since he shares them with 3 generations of fathers before him. He also went for the complex contrast by carving away the background.

David has the slasher pumpkin. If you look closely you can see where he hacked away at it with his carving tool. He is our "All Boy" boy, always slashing, hacking and fighting something.

Betsy's has a simple, well-executed face. She has a bit of the family artistic streak in her as well.

JM's is just plain goofy-cute like him. Nathancolored on his with markers then sat down and had a pout and...

Tali...well... what more could I say? Bald, bald, bald as a pumpkin, bald.

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