Thursday, August 24, 2006

What would you do for a mango pit?

After slicing up a mango for homemade pizzas tonight (for those who chose to make their pizza a mango/pear/turkey/mushroom variety), I had one mango pit and 8 kids who wanted it. In the throes of an inspiration I decided to auction it off to the highest bidder. The bids would be chores promised. To raise the bid, they had to be willing to do the chore named and add another. Miriam was the happy recipient of the pit and it only cost her:

tidying up the playroom, girls' room and basement
washing dishes
washing windows
washing the door

As soon as the boys realized the stakes involved they dismissed themselves from the bidding and let the girls have at it. "No mango pit is worth all that!" Ben commented. Regardless of the truth of that statement, I now have some very clean windows!

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