Thursday, August 24, 2006


Yesterday was a bad day. It started Tuesday afternoon. I hung out for a bit w/our neighbors and then went home and initiated the nap sequence. Somewhere around 5:00 my dear husband arrived home and I found myself barely able to open my eyes, w/a flaming sore throat, feverish and too groggy to respond to his questions. I went back to sleep for the rest of the night while he drove the soccer bus, served up dinner and did all the other evening chores. Yesterday we went in 3 different directions - I took Nathan and Ben to my doc to get a strep culture while Fr. Joel traveled to the pediatrician with David, JM, JT and Philip. The girls got to play in the Z's basement which is one of their most favorite things to do. The ped appt was supposed to be a 2 year and 3 year well-check for JM and David. JT went along for the ride since he'd been to an emergency care place on Monday for an infected foot and Philip was just along because we had no better place to put him...Turns out the infected foot is probably the source of a staph infection which made its way up JM's nose, around Philip's mosquito bites and who knows where else. So 6 antibiotic prescriptions later, we all met back home to settle back into our quarantine quarters and nurse our wounds. I am pleased to say that my fever broke sometime in the night last night and the antibiotics have served me well. I feel...almost...normal again. Just in time to scrub down the bathrooms with bleach, launder all the bedding and disinfect the floors in the kitchen and dining room! Ah, life goes on...

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