Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy (Burp) Day John Michael!

Well, it's only been a week and a half since the last birthday so it must be time for another! John Michael had his THIRD birthday today!! I learned a new skill too - I can burp the whole Happy Birthday song so this one was a Happy BurpDay! For his birthday dinner he requested chocolate chip pancakes with "cream" (whipped cream) and ice cream cake for dessert. I think he was just going for anything with cake in the name! Here he is with the birthday hat and his plate of pancakes. Behind him you can see our only guest for this party - Adora, our friend visiting us from Sparrow House:
And here's the icecream cake. It turned out really yummy. That's a yellow cake w/chocolate icecream sandwiched in the middle, iced with homemade whipped cream and topped with brownie crumbs, hot fudge sauce and chocolate cat cookies - YUM!
Blowing out the big three candles - he did it (almost) in one blow.
And now the obligatory mess - mmmmmm!!!
Of course, this was the moment he'd been waiting for - PRESENTS! He had a whole tower of them!
Ben felt like he needed to preview one of them before John Michael read it...just in case there was anything objectionable in there. Besides, the big brothers were once again the gracious benefactors of the birthday glow-in-the-dark underpants so Ben needed all the info he could gather on the subject...
I always wanted one of these when I was a kid and wouldn't you know it, I weigh a bit too much now to try it out - at least I can live vicariously through John Michael!
Muff, I said Max and Ruby and you give him a 100 piece domino dumptruck set?! Max and Ruby - it's on DVD, you can't lose it, you can put it away quickly and it's only ONE PIECE!!!

Well, the big brothers get a real kick out of actually playing with the thing anyway - when they aren't chasing down John Michael and David for any number of the ONE HUNDRED PIECES that are being relocated throughout the house.


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Muffy said...

Glad to hear everyone is being "amused" by the gift. I thought it looked like a fun family game. You know, the older guys build it, and the younger ones knock it down. Happy Burpday, John Michael. Sorry, couldn't find the DVD.
Love, Muffy