Monday, August 21, 2006

The Big Rebellion

I get such a kick out of this story I just had to put it here...Maegan is my neice and she just turned 18. She's a bit special to us since we sort of mark our relationship by her birthday - she was born in June and I met Fr. Joel that August, we began to date shortly after that and have been together ever since. She was my husband's "practice kid" for the years leading up to our own children.

Anyway, I guess Maegan figured since she was 18 and finally graduated from high school it was time for a big rebellion. Problem was, she just couldn't decide if it would be a body piercing or a tatoo...So, of course, being the rebellious type that she is, she headed off to the library to research her two options. After reading a bit too much for comfort on belly button piercings, she decided a tatoo might be safer, less painful and more fun. So she decided on a tatoo of a cross for the top of her foot - just two lines - very simple. Her mom was thrilled. "Oh let us take you and pay for it!" she cried. "Absolutely not, Mom!" Maegan retorted. "You will not pay for my rebellion!" And so she agreed to let her Mom and Dad drive her to the tatoo venue...but she would *not* let them pay. That tatoo "artist" took one look at her simple design plan and had a rebellion of his own. "I will not put that on your body," he said. After a little convincing they came to a compromise and Maegan allowed him to add a bit of texture to his artwork.

We saw her tatoo last weekend. She took off her shoe and sock to show it to us - a tiny cross made out of 4 bubbly lines on the top of her foot. "It's permanent!" She announced. "Which is why I chose that spot." I'm sure identifying the best part of her body to tatoo was also part of her research...and who says homeschoolers don't learn anything?!

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