Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Davey!

Today is David's birthday. He's oh-so-very two (that actually started about 2 months ago!). Today is the actual date but we celebrated last night (shhhh don't tell him) due to the big boys' soccer practice which, consequently, got rained out tonight anyway. Anyhoo, we had our typical family birthday celebration. Everybody got a party hat and David got the special one with the tassle on top and the fringes on the bottom... Even Daddy got a hat.
We had his favorite meal for dinner - noodles! In this case, Muffy's macaroni and cheese. All the kids helped to make his star and heart shaped chocolate cakes. I decided to experiment with carmine powder (otherwise known around here as beetle juice) which came out a wonderful pink instead of the red I was shooting for so David got a rather...retro...color for his cakes.
He enjoyed them anyway. Although he spent more time chewing on the candles than the chocolate.
After cake we moved to the living room for presents. The girls had wrapped up two books they picked out for him so they could read to him. They both had flaps to lift - very popular choice with their little brother! His big brothers presented him with his own size 1 soccer ball and 3 pairs of glow-in-the-dark underpants which are supposed to come with lessons on their use as well. And Mom and Dad sprung for the sit and spin....

The soccer ball made a big impression. He carried that around for the night, trying desperately to bounce it and insisting it was a basketball. Today he picked up the underpants and, after trying them out on his head, clutched them in his little hands and showed them to anyone who walked by - including Nathan's visitors for the day. All in all, I think it was a roaring success of a birthday.

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Muffy and Grandad said...

Dear David, Muffy and Grandad wish you a very Happy Birthday. I especially liked your hat. Can I ride that fancy new spinning toy when I come to visit next time? Hugs and Kisses, Muffy