Monday, April 06, 2009

Gone i viking...

The juniors have been looking forward to this day all year and their chance finally came to make their own Viking longboats.

JT and Ben made them two years ago and actually got to set theirs on fire. I wasn't quite willing to go that far with this particular crowd of students (who little less...trustworthy, shall we say?) but they still had a blast loading them up with playmobil vikings and playing all afternoon. Even Nathan made one. It took him a while to realize his boat didn't quite look like all the rest... JM added some extra sails to his - this has been the Year of the Scissors and the Paper in our household. David was upset that his oars were droopy by the time we took these pictures (note the pout in the first picture). He cheered himself up by sailing his boat upside down.

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elizabeth said...

wow! those are some good boats!