Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Wester!

Well, as Eastern Orthodox Christians we don't celebrate Pascha until next Sunday but we still enjoyed the annual cousins' Easter Egg hunt. This year Granddad the Easter Bunny and Muffy the Easter Chick retired and passed the torch on to the three sisters. Beth and Heidi and I had a grand time planning for the hunt and hiding eggs. Tali sat on Muff's lap and kept her warm and ate her cookies. The big kids had to go deep in the woods, collect eggs with letters on them, unscramble the letters on the eggs and then use the clue to hunt down their prize. The middle group had it a little easier on the hunt and their prize was found by following some arrows around in the grass. JM, David and Nate had it the easiest - they just had to dig around in the garden to find their eggs before being handed their prizes. The prizes? Everyone got a water blaster for the culminating water battle. Here's some pics of the fun:

Happy Resurrection Sunday to all!


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HeavenlyHome said...

Oohh, I love the advanced egghunt...never thought to have them "unscramble" eggs!!!!

Can I do the arrow one next year? Just my speed!

Enjoy a lovely Holy Week!