Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Death of a Viking Chieftan

JT and Ben spent their morning making paper models of Viking raiding ships. They turned out right cute but when I mentioned to them that their friends had made the same models last year *and* had put them out to sea in a flaming dearth they gained a new zeal for the project. Turns out that Viking chieftans were put in their boats after death, along with their weapons and possessions, and sent out to sea in a fiery tribute to their leadership. Upon gaining this little tidbit of knowledge, the boys quickly set to work making less detailed models, along with cardboard effigies of their own Viking chieftan - Chief Going to a Burning Death and Chief Barney (translated out of the ancient runes to mean Burning).

Here are the raiding ships awaiting the funeral procession. The little cardboard guys are inside.

The ships have been put out to the Tubby Sea (located somewhere around the coast of Norway I'm sure).

Let the burning begin!

Unfortunately, the boats got water-logged and sank before we could get a good fire going.
The end of our Viking Flames of Death experiment.

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