Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kit Kittredge Lapbooks

I did these lapbooks with Betsy, Ruth, Miriam and JM while David was in Ohio with the older boys at Grammy's house several months ago. They are based on a movie which is based on an American Girls book set in the American Depression era. This was our first attempt at lapbooks and they turned out really fun. The kids had a blast doing them.

I think this one is JM's so I did a lot of the printing for him but he picked out the content, glued it in and drew the pictures. It had some fun elements like the wheel with the different characters from the movie and the hobo signs:

I got the ideas and templates for the book elements for free from this site. It would make a fun summer project - it was very educational but pretty light since it was based on a movie and not some heavier text.

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