Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nathan for President

We decided at dinner time that we need some new names on the docket. Nathan for president with Nehemiah as a running mate. Their platform is sure to please the under 4 crowd (too bad they're too young to vote or we might have something here).

Some of their campaign promises:

1. First and most importantly they promise never to tax cookies or bananas. There will, however, be a Bath Tax (get over it Mom).

2. Any foreign policy issues will be handled by Big Brother (also known as Ben).

3. All WIC recipients will be issued 16 slightly licked tupperware lids and 7 unmatched containers.

4. The eagle as a national symbol will be replaced by Gooka the Golden Retriever who will appear on all currency and replace the stars on the American flag.

5. Feeding the National Symbol can occur by tossing your leftovers at the Amercian flag.

6. The first order of business will be appointing John Michael as ambassador to Hooville.

Well, they have my vote...any other takers?


Jen said...

Makes a lot more sense than ANYTHING I've seen in the news.

LucisMomma said...

That is funny! Luci wants to be in the Cabinet--if you remove all the pots and pans first. She proved herself to be a leader at the Families with Children from China New Year lunch last saturday--she had about 5 little girls doing whatever she wanted them to do, and 3 of them were older than she!