Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This morning I was having my morning prayer time when I got a call on my cellphone from my neighbor. Now, normally I wouldn't answer it when I'm in the middle of my meditations but something told me I was going to want to take this call.


Hey, Mary, it's Renee. Um, did you know the babies are outside?

Well, no. But I'm hoping Adora knows that.

Well, she might not. I think they're in the garage by themselves. I saw Noah open the door and let them out.

I believe I hung up on her on my way down the steps, hurtling over two baby gates and slamming my pregnant body out the garage door. Sure enough, there were Nate and Miah wandering around in the garage in their socks. Noah came around the corner riding a tricycle also wearing his socks. I hauled his little butt up to his bed for a nice long time out while Adora gathered a baby under each armpit and transported them back inside. Adora swears to me that the three of them were right in the kitchen with her just moments before Renee called which means he opened up the big front door and the screen door and let them all out. We had no idea he was capable of that. Scary! I am thanking God for using Renee as their guardian angel this morning.

Later, as I was bringing the kids home in the van I noticed Adora's shoes sitting in the driveway getting snowed upon. I inwardly chided her for leaving her shoes outside and left them there for her to suffer the consequences as soon as she realized what she'd done. A little bit later she was looking for them and I told her they were waiting for her out in the snow. She gave me a very quizzical look and then we both realized at once that Noah must have been wearing them (another favorite hobby of his) when he planned his escape. I am just getting too old to have 3 under 2's in the house at once. It's like a crazy place around here! This is war and their combined 6 years are quickly besting my 37.


JTKlopcic said...

If only we could find some way to harness his powers for Good....

Amy said...

just wanted to tell you I've enjoyed looking at your blog & your life with all your wonderful blessings!

LucisMomma said...

Wow, he's a real escape artist! We had to put one of those hook and eye things on the back door when our JT was wandering. We also got one of those little alarm things that are tiny, have two parts and let out a long squeal when the door is opened. Got both of those things at Lowe's--HomeDepot would have them, too. Maybe even walmart. They used to be advertised on tv as a security thing to take on trips--like in a hotel.