Friday, February 22, 2008

Cowboy Musings

Yesterday JT and Ben were assigned a fictional letter to write. They had to write a letter from the point of view of a cattle rustler to whomever they chose and include some historical information they've learned. I let them go to town on cowboy grammar and spelling and I thought the resulting assignments were too good not to share. Here's JT's rather short and to the point comunnique:

Dear Fello cow herder

I have discovered something I thought you might be interested in. I have found out that when you sing to your cattle at night it will settle them down. I have also found out a new territory. I myself will be buying some land and selling my catle.
yours truely

And Ben's:

Howdy partner,
ow is things?
I now you is gonna be headin this way with yer cattle. I rote tellin ya it's aint an easy trip. When me and my buddies feched some cattle and came this way it was hard go'n. I hope it'le be easier fer you. There's rattle snakes and no water on the way. We lost one u our cattle to the snakes and two more from u stampeed. But we still came out with 2,997. The pay fer em is perty good in this town. I got me a new four shooter with the buckeroos. I've done some figurin and I think I want to settle and become a fermer. I don't think il be able to stay one fer very long but I'm go'n to try.
Yer pal,

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LucisMomma said...

JT and Ben, those are wonderful letters! Good luck on your next cattle drive!