Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Drew This In Therapy Today...

I'm offering up Nehemiah as a poster child for ADHD and maybe we'll make this the poster. This is a picture of him sitting on Pooka yanking on her ear. I really did draw it in therapy today. He's been on a path of destruction which this week seems to be specifically targeted at the family pets. Two days in a row he was found sitting *in* the guinea pig cage tossing poopy litter in the air. The second time he did it he was actually sitting ON poor Pumpkin. Yesterday morning Adora heard a clatter in the living room. As she stepped toward the door she saw Sydney the cockatiel running across the floor as fast as his little feet could carry him. Further investigation discovered Miah pinned to floor by the bird cage he'd climbed up onto a chair to knock over. Eleven years of parenting crazy people and one 17 month old is going to send me to the Funny Farm in just a week's time....As my dear departed Mamaw would say, "Ay yi yi!"

PS. If it looks wrinkled that's because it is. Guess who grabbed it and crumpled it while I was taking this picture? Come on, I'll give you ONE GUESS!

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