Friday, December 14, 2007

The New Pickles

Suddenly I've been having very vivid memories of my college lunches. One of my favorites from the Bucknell caf was the vegetarian lasagne they served for the meat-challenged folks. I've never been a vegetarian but I was crazy about that lasagna. I mentioned it to my dear husband who responded with something like, "Ew. I think they just stuck a pan of Stauffer's in the oven and called it dinner." Hmmm...could be and it would seem that Pickles is ready to graduate from Pickles to something more...substantial. So I haunted the frozen food section of our grocery store and found this:

BINGO! Didn't I marry a smart man?! The picture exactly matched the one forming in my gastric memory bank as did the taste of it once I got it home and dug in. Pickles is now a happy camper....but I don't think I'm changing the name to Lasagna - baby's still Pickles!

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Pickle's Dad said...

I'm really glad you found it. Saved me a trip to Lewisburg and back in the middle of the night.