Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy 7th Birthday to Ruth!

Well, Ruth didn't get a party except for the other 13 people who show up at our dinner table every night which seemed fine with her. She picked out pancakes, eggs and bacon for dinner (a popular dinner choice around here) which was enjoyed by all. After dinner we had chocolate cake with cashew butter icing. Ruth really doesn't like cake but she did enjoy blowing out her 7 candles. She got some gifts that she really enjoyed: A new stuffie from Muffy (hey! and it rhymes!) a computer game from the ever-popular Let's Ride series and a tea set were among her favorites. She was also entertained by Grammy and Tata who called from Ohio to sing Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Ruthie! May there be many blessings for you in your 8th year!!

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