Friday, December 21, 2007


David is next up for an even-aged birthday party and he's been thinking long and hard about it. Now, his birthday isn't until August but that hasn't stopped his wheels from turning. We were in the car today and I was ignoring his constant car chatter until he piped up loudly


Yes, David.

When I have my next birthday, can I be six?

Well, no, David. You'll be four.

Oh, well, can I be six?

Why do you want to be six David?

Will I still get a party if I'm six?

Yes, David. That's an even number. You still get a party if you turn six.

Oh, good, then I want to be six for my next birthday.

But why can't you be four David? You'll still get a party if you're four.

But.....heavy sigh....we already *had* a four year old party!

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