Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Big Christmas Concert

The kids had their homeschool choir Christmas concert this evening. As usual, it was wonderful. Catherine, the choir director always manages to put together a great program. This year she had two choirs. It just so happened that the boys were in the Harmony choir (in blue) and the girls joined them for the whole choir. Here's a picture of the combined choir getting ready to sing together:
I love this picture. It makes the boys look so.....angelic - particularly JT who is very difficult to get good pictures of since he is camera shy. He had quite a number of speaking parts as well but the only picture I got of those was one of his retreating backside.
Philip and Ruth are proving to be quite the talented little singers. They both really have a knack for it. With a bit of work, they could become rather accomplished. Here's Philip singing his "O Holy Night" solo (if he'd only learn to open his mouth - I'm trying to get funding to get him private voice lessons and call it speech therapy)
and Ruth singing her solo:
Miriam got to star in the acting out portion of the program as her own personal hero, the Virgin Mary. She took her role very seriously.
Meanwhile, Betsy enjoyed her part as a donkey, singing "the donkey says hee-haw, hee-haw" most enthusiastically.
Ben, also had a solo as well as several speaking parts. He loves any opportunity to be in front of an audience - a true performer at heart!It's been a fun couple of days. Yesterday they did a dry run at the mall for the teeming masses of Christmas shoppers and then this evening's concert. I was quite proud of the whole choir. They worked hard and it paid off! And they got to sing about Jesus to the whole mall - how cool is that?!

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