Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 7?

I looked at my wheel and by my best figuring I'll be due 'round about the beginning of June which is good because we don't have any June birthdays yet. Of course, if little one shows up early than Joel will have to share his birthday month for the first time since he left home and left behind the chain that bound him to his brother's birthday (he's still a bit bitter about sharing a life time of birthdays with his brother, his younger by a year and a day).

So far I've told our family counselor, my spiritual mentor (hey, I had to justify my whacky behavior over the past few weeks so they would stop thinking I'd gone off the deep end), my chiropractor (who needed to know in order to decide on treatment) my large families egroup (they get it), Pauline (Noah's grandmother who needs to be the one to tell Bethany that she's ok with us adopting in the middle of a pregnancy) and Robyn because, well, I just felt like I wanted to give her a fun little secret of her own to hold onto while she's sitting back and watching her sister be blessed to high heavens at the farm. That's it. Oh yeah, there was a faux pax the other evening when I went out with my special needs support group. Fortunately, there was only one other lady there but she did catch my mistake. I had ordered a chocolatey/coffee sort of drink which had alcohol and then realized that I needed to unorder it while mumbling something about, "I just realized I shouldn't be drinking alcohol right now."

Meanwhile, my body is in serious rebellion against this plan to hold off the revelation of our new little one until Thanksgiving. It always seems by the time I am this far along (6 or 7 weeks) I am already pooching out like most women entering their second trimesters. I wore my favorite long, flowy skirt on Thursday but got lots of stares at my growing tummy (yes, I noticed that you noticed). Nobody has been bold enough to ask yet but it's coming....

So far I just seem to need lots of chocolate but no real *cravings* yet. I am repulsed to the point of retching by the Sunday afternoon bunny noodle pot - a sure sign of pregnancy. This time I'm going to try to do my Bradley excercises throughout the pregnancy and have another drug-free delivery.

Oh yeah, I did another test yesterday (gotta love the Dollar Store) and it was even more positive than the last so my hormone levels must be rising - a good sign.

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