Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Holy Communion

John Michael has joined the ranks of the communed. We are so proud of him as he has spent the past year or so really watching and listening at mass. For a couple of months now he's gone up to the railing looking expectantly and sometimes even holding out his little hands as the priest passes by but until this morning he was rewarded only with a blessing.

Today he joined several of his friends at the altar. He was beside himself with joy - in fact, so much so, that it almost appeared as if all his months of learning the prayers and watching the priests and trying to grasp the whole idea of eucharist (which one of us even can do that as adults?!) had been a figment of my imagination. But once he reached the railing he was able to really focus on the elements. It is so exciting to think of another of our children receiving Christ in this way.
John joined his good buddies Stephen, Emma, Katie, Olivia and Danielle at the altar for eucharist. Stephen's reaction was priceless as he tasted the wine for the first time and his face let us know just how that tasted to his tongue! The morning was a double blessing as we also baptized the newest little member of our parish - Matthew.

Way to go, JM! May you continue to grow in faith and love of Jesus Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Dear John Michael, Grandad and I are very proud of you. I know how special your First Communion was to you. Jesus loves you and so do we. God Bless, Muffy and Grandad